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Yahoo! Inc.

After my first year of university, my good family friend Scott Schiller set me up with a job working for Yahoo! Photos on their Yahoo! Photos 3.0 redesign. AJAX, Rich Web Applications, AGILE, Web 2.0 were some of the many buzzwords that were being thrown around at that time. People were just starting to realize the potential of using the web as a platform for applications. In many ways, Yahoo! Photos 3.0 was at the forefront of all of these buzz words, doing all things that were cool.

Photos was a really cool site. Basically, the user was presented with all of their photos when they logged in, and they select, drag and drop them to create new albums, print, or do whatever they wanted to. You could tag / rate your photos, and create "Smart Albums" that would show you all photos that matched certain criteria (for example, all photos with 3 starts that are tagged me). Also, you could batch upload your photos easily instead of having to specify a photo at a time.

I worked on:

Working on Photos was a great experience. Our team had an amazing vibe and was full of really talented individuals (and it showed).

Unfortunately, Yahoo! closed Photos down as it didn't make sense to own both Flickr and Photos. However, there are a few demo videos and screenshots of Photos that still exist.