The personal portfolio and ramblings of Preet Jassi

Yahoo! Inc.

I was a Frontend Engineer for the Flex Force / Tiger team at Yahoo!. The Flex Force team is an internal consulting team for Yahoo! that is assigned to various projects. I worked on the YOS Consumption Widget (YCW) which is a unified update widget used on various Yahoo! sites. YCW was designed to display your updates, or any activity you have had on various networks (the Yahoo! network, Facebook, Twitter) in a uniform and consistent way. Various Yahoo! sites could embed the YCW widget on their pages in many different ways if they wanted to display the users activity feed or update stream. The look and feel of the widget could also be customized by each integrating Yahoo! site. You can check out YCW by visiting Yahoo! Pulse or the Updates tab in Yahoo! Mail.

As a Frontend Engineer, I worked on many core components such as

I also worked on various performance optimizations including payload reduction, on-demand loading, modularization.

I learned a lot about build processes, unit tests and continuous integration. We included jslint in our build process so that if our JS did not lint, we would break the build (which we all know is not a good thing). By the end of YCW, all of the Frontend Engineers mastered YUI2, YUI3, Semantic Markup (HTML). Also, we had to be very careful with our CSS since the widget can be embedded in any page.