The personal portfolio and ramblings of Preet Jassi

Bean Services Inc.

I was the lead Frontend Engineer and Web Designer for the startup Bean Services for 3 years. I designed and developed the Frontend of their BeanBills product. BeanBills is an Accounts Payable Automation Software as a service. It was a great experience. I grew significantly, especially in my designing abilities. As you can imagine in accounting, the majority of the data is tabular data. Thus, the majority of my time designing was trying to figure out how to effectively display tabular data so that it is as engaging as possible as well as figuring out how to interact with the tabular data in intuitive ways.

I also learned a lot about web startups and how the environment differs significantly from a large corporate environment, specifically in project management.

When I started, Bean was just starting their new version of BeanBills. When I left Bean, BeanBills was a stable, sellable product. The entire team poured endless hours into BeanBills and I know it will do well :).