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Welcome to the new ErudianArt

This is the fourth reskin of ErudianArt. I think that the crisp design is extremely refreshing and vibrant. Furthermore, I think that this is a great improvement in my goal to create a website that is a showcase of my thoughts and work as well as a showcase of my talents as a frontend engineer and a web designer. Unlike the previous versions of my website, there is a balance between content and visual candy.

From the ashes a fire is woken

The old splash screen of my website

I thought at that time the phoenix was the best metaphor to explain some of my characteristics.

The previous version of ErudianArt was my attempt to create a digital projection of myself. I was very proud of the resulting product, even though it was not complete. The design was very intentional. I thought that the phoenix was an extremely accurate metaphor. A phoenix rises from its ashes; thus, before its flame can be rekindled, it must first die. I noticed that I adhered to this trend as well; though, not literally. Additionally, a phoenix is enveloped in fire. I thought that this accurately reflected how intense and passionate I could be. The dark theme reflected my mood at that time, and the parchment reflected how I embrace many traditional things in spite of the fact that I live and work in a very modern world. Instead of archiving my entries, I thought that I would only display the most recent entry because that entry was to reflect what I was feeling or thinking at that time.

The initial password was to make people think. I know that this is bad UED, but I really wanted to make people use their brain. I had some great ideas about various puzzles and quizzes but I just never got around to it. The password (as well as the hidden text) also reflected something about my tendencies. Nonetheless, people did not understand it, or the website in general.

Saturn Ascends, Choose One or Ten

After I graduated, I needed a website to display some of my work as well as my abilities. After leaving Yahoo! as an intern, my js-foo did not advance. I realized this after a few interviews and started to study some of the new techniques and patterns that are being used. I used this reskin as a testing ground for these new techniques and patterns. Most pages should not have a global namespace footprint (no global variables). I created an interval based animation utility from scratch to animate the logo. In doing so I learned how to overcome the this scoping issue by using bind.

I wanted to pick a colour scheme that was vibrant, exciting and out of the norm (for me at least). I came across a design somewhere that had really vibrant colours and fell in love with the palette. Aside from the colour palette, as always, a lot of things in the design are intentional. Serif based black fonts on a white background is the ideal combination for reading large amounts of text. It also looks very sleek and traditional. Aside from that, all I will say is that the animation is intentional, as well as the ratio of the widths of the content column vs the navigation/link column. Ahem, ratio, ahem.

I have decided to stop using XML as format for storing entries as it is just as tedious to create an xml entry as it is to create an entry in plain PHP. Also, parsing XML is extremely slow in PHP. Plus, no one really uses RSS feeds (certainly no one used my feed). Also, I am not using AJAX as it is overkill and it breaks the back button.

Give me my wings

Aside from the typical layout, I have added a few more things to this revamp. I have added a research section where I explain some of my research in Medical Imaging Analysis as well as Multicore Processors. I have some nice pictures as well as links to two papers that I have co-authored. The about me section is more intimate and you can check out my latest tweets as well as Flickr photos. I have also added a work section that describes the web related work that I have done and the companies that I have worked for.

So check out the new ErudianArt, I would love some feedback! Stay tuned for a write-up on medical imaging analysis.

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