PODCAST #12 - Andrea and Aliens.

Mike and Preet have their first guest Andrea Visscher and talk about the supernatural and give tips on how to set goals and achieve them.


PODCAST #11 - Synchronicity.

Mike and Preet talk about energy, aliens, synchronicity and provide their picks on UFC 154.


PODCAST #10 - Welcome Back.

Preet and Mike talk about Neil deGrasse Tyson as well as the biology of the human organism.


PODCAST #9 - Tin Foil Hats and Religion.

Preet and Mike dive deep into tin foil hat land, and discuss the purpose of religion.


PODCAST #8 - UFC 127.

Preet and Mike make predictions about UFC 127 and then do a post ufc podcast.


PODCAST #7 - Radiohead's New Album.

This week Mike and Preet catch up, talk about side control escapes and review the new Radiohead album.


PODCAST #6 - Calling Dr. Taylor.

This week we have Laura Poland and Andrea Visscher as guests and talk about wine, poverty, criminology and finally discover Dubstep.


PODCAST #5 - I have a dream.

This week we talk about Mike's billion dollar idea, the history of money and Martin Luther King Jr. and his I have a dream speech.


PODCAST #4 - Our first experiment with Guests.

This week we have our first guests on the podcast: Laura and Holly Poland. We didn't prepare enough so this was a bit of a failed experiment.


PODCAST #3 - Mike tries to not pass out after his first jujitsu class.

This week we talk about the internet and technology, how absinthe sucks and our favorite video games.


PODCAST #2 - Oh yeah, we should probably talk about being a scorpio.

This week we talk about being a scorpio and discuss energy minimization and evolution.


PODCAST #1 - No one knows anything about rome.

This week we talk about the fall of rome, or try to. We also discuss the feminization of society and other topics!



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