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I am 24 years old and I currently work for Yahoo! Inc. as a Technical Yahoo! in Sunnyvale California. When I am not working, I like to enjoy life. I love good company, good food, good wine and great conversation. To balance out my nerdyness, I like to go outside and have fun (hiking, boating, biking, playing various sports, etc).

Professionally, I really enjoy JavaScript/DHTML work. My philosophy has always been to understand exactly what is going on when a piece of code is being executed, and try to find the balance between legibility and performance. When I first became serious with js related work, I attempted to bring the methods that are taught in a typical CS degree - keep all lists stored in sorted order, etc. - however I soon realized that sometimes Quicksort is overkill. The majority of the problems lay in rendering and in obtaining information instead of actually performing operations on that information. However, I still try to implement what I have been taught at SFU as much as possible.

In my research, I have always found physiologically inspired algorithms fascinating. For example, Artificial Ant Colony segmentation, Neural Networks, etc. I guess it stems from my curiosity and the fact that I am continually amazed at how complex yet elegant the world is. This is also why I think I have always loved physics and mathematics. As a young CS student, I wanted to develop artificial human intelligence. I have always been fascinated by the brain and developed a new appreciation for the power of the brain through many of my artificial intelligence classes. You truly do not know how blessed we are until you attempt to construct algorithms to do something as trivial as recognizing text.

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